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SAINS TANAH - Journal of Soil Science and Agroclimatology

SAINS TANAH - Journal of Soil Science and Agroclimatology (journal initial: STJSSA; p-ISSN 1412-3606 e-ISSN 2356-1424) is open access, academic, citation indexed, and blind peer-reviewed journal. It covers original research articles, review, and short communication on diverse topics related to soil science and agricultural climatology (read more ...). We accept submission from all over the world. All submitted articles shall never be published elsewhere, original and not under consideration for other publication.

STJSSA has been published by the Department of Soil Science, Faculty of Agriculture, Universitas Sebelas Maret in collaboration with Indonesian Soil Science Society (HITI). 

STJSSA has been accredited by National Journal Accreditation (ARJUNA) Managed by Ministry of Research and Technology/ National Agency for Research and Innovation, the Republic of Indonesia with First Grade (Sinta 1) according to the Decree No. 85/M/KPT/2020 (link).

STJSSA has been indexed, abstracted, displayed in SCOPUSDOAJ, ASEAN Citation Index (ACI), SINTA by Ristek/BRIN of The Republic of Indonesia, GOOGLE Scholar, etc.

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Livestock and Animal Research

Livestock and Animal Research (Livest. Anim. Res.) publishes original research article in the field of livestock and other animal research. This journal previously titled as Sains Peternakan: Jurnal Penelitian Ilmu Peternakan and changed into Livestock and Animal Research in order to broaden the distribution and increase the visibility of the journal. This journal is published three times a year: March, July, and November by Sebelas Maret University associated with Ikatan Sarjana Peternakan Indonesia (ISPI). The first edition with new journal-title is published in July 2020 (Vol. 18 No. 2) while previous editions remain the same as the previous journal that can be accessed through website: https://jurnal.uns.ac.id/Sains-Peternakan.

Livestock and Animal Research has been accredited and categorized as Sinta 2 by Directorate General of Strengthening Research and Development – Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education, Republic of Indonesia in 2019 (No. 10/E/KPT/2019).

In addition, this journal has been indexed by Crossref, Google Scholar, Mendeley, Garuda (Garda Rujukan Digital), i-Focus, i-Journals, and Udledge.s

The interest of Livestock and Animal Research covering: 1) Animal Production System; 2) Animal Breeding and Genetics; 3) Animal Physiology and Reproduction; 4) Animal Nutrition and Feeding Technology; 5) Technology of Animal Product; 6) Animal Biotechnology; 7) Animal Behaviour and Welfare; 9) Socio-Economics in the field of Animal Research, and 10) Animal health. The objects of the research can be livestock, laboratory, exotic, and/or wild animals. This journal uses blind review where all the review processes using anonymous system so that both reviewer and author identities are not revealed during the process.

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AgriHealth: Journal of Agri-food, Nutrition and Public Health

AgriHealth: Journal of Agri-food, Nutrition and Public Health, diterbitkan oleh Pusat Penelitian dan Pengembangan Pangan, Gizi dan Kesehatan Masyarakat (P4GKM) LPPM UNS, merupakan jurnal yang memuat artikel ilmiah hasil-hasil pengabdian kepada masyarakat di bidang pertanian ramah lingkungan, pangan, gizi dan kesehatan masyarakat. AgriHealth terbit 2 (dua) kali setiap tahun pada bulan April dan Oktober.

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Journal of Global Environmental Dynamics

Journal of Global Environmental Dynamics - an international journal published by Study Program of Environmental Science, Faculty of Mathematic and Natural Science, Sebelas Maret University. The research article submitted to this online journal will be peer-reviewed. The accepted research articles will be available online (free download) following the journal peer-reviewing process. The language used in this journal is English.

Focus and Scope

The Journal of Global Environmental Dynamics, an international journal, provides a forum for publishing the novel research and technologies. This journal includes Original Research Articles, Review Articles, and Short Communications relating to:

  • Environmental Management
  • Environmental Ecology
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Environmental pollution
  • Conservation of Natural Resources and the Environment
  • Development and Environment
  • Environmental Impact Analysis
  • Environmental Planning and Administration
  • Renewable energy
  • Energy Conversion Technology
  • Energy Management and Policy
  • Green Technology
  • Health, Safety and Environment
  • Environmental Information System

Publication Schedule: April, July, November

Author Guidelines

Article Template

Reviewer Guidelines

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Jurnal Olahraga dan Prestasi

SMART SPORT Jurnal Olahraga dan Prestasi diterbitkan oleh Program Studi Pendidikan dan Kepelatihan Olahraga, Fakultas Keolahragaan, Universitas Sebelas Maret Surakarta. Terbit dua kali dalam setahun pada bulan Februari dan Oktober, berisi naskah hasil penelitian, gagasan konseptual, kajian dan aplikasi teori maupun Ilmu Pengetahuan dan Teknologi Olahraga.

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PHEDERAL: Physical Education, Health, and Recreation Journal (ISSN: 1979-3103) is open to seeking innovation, creativity, and novelty. PHEDHERAL Journal is a peer-review journal published by the Universitas Sebelas Maret Surakarta. The aim of the journal is to facilitate scientific publication of the results of researches in Indonesia and participate to boost the quality and quantity of research for academics and researchers. This journal accepts manuscripts in Bahasa or English.

PHEDHERAL Journal published twice a year, in May and November by publishing research results and critical analysis studies in the field of Physical Education, Sports Tourism, Sports Coaching, Physical Activity, Sports Biomechanics, Sports Pedagogy, Sports Physiology, Sports Psychology, and Traditional Sports.

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Prosiding Seminar Nasional Linguistik dan Sastra (SEMANTIKS)

Prosiding Seminar Nasional Linguistik dan Sastra (SEMANTIKS) merupakan media publikasi berupa prosiding dari hasil Seminar Nasional Linguistik dan Sastra (SEMANTIKS).

Semantik (Seminar Sastra dan Linguistik) merupakan nama kegiatan ilmiah yang sudah dilakukan sejak awal S2 Linguistik Pascasarjana UNS berdiri. Nama tersebut sengaja dipertahankan untuk memperlihatkan bahwa kegiatan ini merupakan kelanjutan dari kegiatan yang pernah ada. Kegiatan tersebut sudah beberapa kali dilakukan, lalu berhenti. Mulai tahun 2019, kegiatan tersebut akan dihidupkan lagi untuk menggairahkan kehidupan keilmuan linguistik, dan sastra. Mulai tahun 2019 nama seminar berubah menjadi Seminar Nasional Linguistik dan Sastra (SEMANTIKS). Dalam perkembangannya, bidang terjemahan digabungkan dalam Program S2 Linguistik. Karena itu, cakupan Semantiks 2019 meliputi bidang terjemahan juga. Semantiks akan dilaksanakan setiap tahun.

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Matriks Teknik Sipil

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PRIMA: Journal of Community Empowering and Services

PRIMA: Journal of Community Empowering and Services (Online ISSN: 2579-5074) is an open-access academic journal published by the Faculty of Agriculture, Universitas Sebelas Maret Surakarta. This journal has two issues in a year and it will be published in June and December. This journal accepts manuscript in Bahasa or English.

PRIMA: Journal of Community Empowering and Services is a scientific journal that publishes the result of thoughts and activities on empowerment and community service with the focus on communities as an employer in the field of agriculture and the other fields whose activity targets are farmer community. (more ...)


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EQUILIBRIUM Journal of Chemical Enginering

Equilibrium Journal of Chemical Engineering (EJChE) is an open-access journal published by Chemical Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Sebelas Maret as a scientific journal to accommodate current topics related to chemical engineering including:

  1. Material Development
  2. Biochemical Process Exploration and Optimization
  1. Chemical Education
  2. Chemical Reaction Kinetics and Catalysis
  3. Designing, Modeling, and Process Optimization
  4. Energy and Conversion Technology
  5. Thermodynamics
  6. Process System Engineering and products
  7. Membrane Technology
  8. Food Technology
  9. Bioprocess Technology
  10. Chemurgy Technology
  11. Waste Treatment Technology
  12. Separation and Purification Technology
  13. Natural Dyes Technology

EJChE publishes communication articles, original research articles, and review articles.  This Journal has been previously named Ekuilibrium published since 2001 with ISSN: 1412-9124 (2007). In 2018, the name of EJChE with e-ISSN 2622-3430 (2018) was introduced as a continuation of Ekuilibrium without any policy changes. There is 2 (two) issues of publication each year. The official language of the Journal is English, but manuscripts in Bahasa Indonesia are also welcomed. Manuscript submission and reviewing process is fully conducted through online journal system (https://jurnal.uns.ac.id/equilibrium) using a double-blind review process.

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