Center of Middle Eastern Studies (CMES)

CMES: Center of Middle Eastern Studies is a journal published by the Arabic Literature Department, Faculty of Cultural Sciences, Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS), Surakarta. This journal was initially published as a scientific activity of the Center for Middle Eastern Studies, Faculty of Language, Letters and Fine Arts (FSSR) of UNS, established on the Decree of the Dean of FSSR Number 2545/H27.1.1/KP/2009 dated 17 April 2009 and as a motivator for the establishment of the Arabic Literature Department. On establishing the Arabic Literature Department under the Decree of DIKTI Number 1762/02.2/2010, dated July 2, 2010, in its management, this journal became a routine academic activity of the Arabic Literature Department.

The journal CMES contains scientific articles in the form of research results or literature reviews related to Middle Eastern studies in the social, political, cultural, literary, and language fields. The Middle East regions are the main object of study from the perspective of various social, political, and humanities disciplines.

The journal published in June and December has the following objectives:

  1. Developing the scholarship and insights of the academic community and researchers on the Middle Eastern regions from various perspectives.
  2. Publishing the academic community’s research results and, generally, the researchers’ studies and scientific developments.


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Vol 15, No 2 (2022)

Table of Contents


Ahmad Zainal Mustofa, Magdy B. Behman
Nety Novita Hariyani, Arina Haque, Wildana Wargadinata, Muflikhah Ulya
Firstiyana Romadlon Ash Shidiqiyah, Siti Arafah
VISION 2030: SAUDI ARABIA’S MODERNIZATION | Abstract views : 245 times
Nadiya Azahra Hidayat, Yon Machmudi, Siti Rohmah Soekarba
Joko Santoso, Fitri Wardani
Afnan Arummi, Alif Cahya Setiyadi
Aiman Aiman, Roma Ulinnuha, Sarwanto Sarwanto
Mahmudah Mahmudah
Shinta Fitria Utami, Ferry Saputra