Mochammad Najib Imanullah


The purpose ofthis research is todescribe the phenomenon ofdemandfor franchise regulation in Indonesia.It is a normative legalresearch in order toexamine the principles oflaw, the synchronization oflaw, and legal history. The data usedwere secondary data came from the primary and secondary legal materials.Data are analyzed using legal interpretation. The result showed that the urgency ofsetting a franchise in anactis dueto: 1) the content material offranchise havetoregulate in anact; 2)toaddress the sinchronization issue with the other act; 3) to harmonize the Indonesian franchise act with the franchise act from the other countries; 4) to fullfill the justice of franchisee andinternational franchisor. To realize the franchise act, the Indonesian government advised tomake cooperation with academics, franchise business man, association,
and the public to make academic legal drafting based on academic draft from BPHN with completion inaccordance with the dinamics and development of franchise business in Indonesia.

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