Legitimasi Nikah Siri Menurut Sistem Hukum Perkawinan di Indonesia

Pranoto Pranoto


Philosophically, marriage is the beginning for human being to develop their live  by forming a family that has the purpose to legalize the sexual intercourse actions between man and woman to get their happiness in life. In order to make that purpose achieved, so the nation should be involved in the process. Sirri marriage, illegal marriage (based on nation’s law) is a phenomenon of deviated marriage. By the doctrinal approach it is obtained that there is no base for the nation to legitimatesiri marriage and systemically it is not suit with the Marriage Act  No. 1 / 1974. To solve the controversy so there should be a solution for this. A marriage will be considered as legal if it is done based on the religion rules and it is noted; in the one chapter and one verse. For the need for that, it is need the adaptability of the contradictive chapter with those formula.

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