Peran Perempuan Dalam UU Perkawinan Nomor 1 Tahun 1974 Untuk Menciptakan Clean Governance

Tri Lisiani Prihatinah


A Clean Gorvernance has become a desirable process for almost all countries. In having the process, all stakeholders including women are needed to participate in this process. However, women role in Indonesia has already standardized in the Marriage Law Numer 1 Year 1974, in which they are focusing on their toles as housewives, although at the same time they are also allowed to involve in the public life. In regards to achieve Clean Governance which is indicated by less corruption rate, women roles are questioned due to their abilities  in public life. By applying literature review to answer this problem, it can be concluded that Clean Governance can be realized when women are participating in the public life, The arguments behing this conclusion are that normatively women have no economic responsibility over their families as a result they have more s[ace to dedicate their lives for human goodness. Besides, feminime traits tends to supports anythings as long as from destructive one including corruption. Therefore, there is no questioned to recommendate women for their publlic role as long as they are qualified to do so.

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