Anjar Sri Ciptorukmi Nugraheni


Thisresearch is conducted toassess the implementation of international marriagerecords inIndone sia, barriers andsolutions, and theconsequences ofinternational lawifthemarriage is notrecorded. This research located in Surakarta. Thecharacteristic of this research is descriptive empirical. Thedata mainly used primary data, and also supportedbysecondarydata. Sample determination techniques use random methodandpurposive sample. Collecting data performs byinterviewandliterature study, andobtaining data areanalyzed using interactivequalitativeanalysis techniques.
Theresults show that the requirements of international marriage recorded are marriage certificate, identity card for WNI, andpassport for WNA (foreign citizen). The obstacles onmarriage is often encoun teredandis notcomplete yet to attain marriage certificate ifthe representative state ofthe wedding orRl
state has notgiven the certificate, the delay of wedding recorded orreported, he difference name on residencydocuments, the internationalmarriage couple has different religion, and for internationalmaniage which isperformed in Indonesia, sometimes (these couples) can not speak Indonesian fluently. For this matter, the solution is completing all the requirements by theapplicant. The imposition offines for late recorded or reported ofthe wedding, used last document to fulfill the biodata ofthe applicant, submitted the petition ofcourt decision as legal foundation to registration office related to different religion on marriage and usedinternational language or translatoron marriage recorded implementation. The implication ofthis study indicates thai there are legal issues on public scrutiny by
entry into force to the Population Administration Act which is said the status ofmarriage institution is religious ornon-religious institution, legal indicator on marriage isdeterminedby the religion norm orstate, andless detail on reporting ofinternationalmarriage which isconductedby foreign countryafter the couple returned to Indonesia.

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