Implementasi Prinsip Mengenal Nasabah (Know YourCustomer) Oleh Kalangan Pasar Modal dan Efektivitasnya dalam Mencegah Terjadinya Tindak Pidana Pencucian Uang

Edi Herdyanto


The aim of the study are to reveal: (1) the implementation of knowing yourcustomerprinciple by capital market actor. (2) Thesupervision mechanismto the implementation knowing yourcustomerprin ciplebycapital market actor. (3) die effectiveness of theimplementation knowing   yourcustomerprinciple by capitalmarketactor in preventing money laundering crime. As a legal research the stud) choosen is empirical approach inwhich focusedtoprimerresources  andsupported bysecondermaterial. The study takeplace at Financial Transaction AnalysisandReport CenterOffice (PPATK) and Capital Market Super visionBoard(Bapepam).Aninteractive model of analysis is choosen to analysis data. The study showing that the implementation of knowing your customer principleis a reflection of conceptual schema ofanti
moneylaunderingregime. Thesupervision mechanism to the implementation knowingyourcustomerprin
ciple is a series activities in which principallycollective processes ofall financial institution to fulfill need,
implementingKYCprincipleas wellas to gain goal inpreventingmoneylaunderingcrime and enforcement
ofamimoneylaundering regime.

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