KEBIJAKAN PENYELENGGARAAN KEKUASAAN KEHAKIMANDIBAWAH SATUATAP MAHKAMAH AGUNG (Tinjauan Politik Hukum Undang-undang No. 4 Tahun 2004 tentang Kekuasaan Kehakiman)

Edy Herdyanto, SH


The policy of judicial power implementation under the same
roof of supreme court is based to the idea of the people's consultative assembly number X/MPR/1998 concerning development reformation core in order in saving and normalization of national life as state guard, in which related to law aspect stating the urgent to separate sharply between the function of judicial and executive. The political of law of Act number 4/2004 being implemented such as the change of the judicial power  implementation in which prior handled by two institution as  concerning judicialaffairsupervised by Supreme of  Courtandconcerning finance, organization and administration organized by Departement of Justice, to be changed under the sameroof of Supreme Court

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