Prasetyo Hadi Purwandoko


The main problem this study is how the implementation
Agreement on rade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights, Including Trade in Conterfeit Goods by the Indonesian government. This is non doctrinal/sociological reaserach. The typeand resources of data used is primer and secunder material. Data collecting techniques is by interviewing, library study, and by accessing data of website situs. Qualitative analysis with Interactive model is used to analysis primer data. To analysis the seconder data/non statistical is by deductive method. The approach used is juridical approach. The study showing
Agreement on Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights, Including Trade in Conterfeit Goods have been well implemented by the Indonesian government by making some policy such as legislation policy. For such things have been formulated a new statute which have not been regulated yet and the adjusment of the existed law with TRIPs regulation.
For suchthings can be proved that in 2000 havebeenstipulated the industrial design law, integrated circuit site plan design and trade secrecy. Furthermore the legislation regulating copy right, patent and brand name since 1997 until 2002 also heve been renewable in accordance with TRIPs Agreement/WTO. Beside that have been doned the effort to improve and increase intelectual property rights administration byaraising President Decree Number 144/1998 and President decree number 189/1998 that state the duty of intelectual property rights directorate generale (DITJEN HK1) to cany out national
intelectual property rights system integrally. This action supported by the directorate of cooperation and information development of intelectual property rights directorate. Within cooperation and socialization sector implemented by increasing cooperation (foreign) and increasing socialization for improving the undestanding and consciousness of intelectual property
rights. Furthermore been carry out law enforcement of intelectual property rights. To enlarge the public access in present have been carried oiut technology information services system by developing infrastructure by automation system in cooperation with Japan International Cooperation Agency (JIKA).

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