MODEL TREATMENT DAN REHABILITASI BAGI REMAJA KOREAN NARKOBA ( Studi tentang Implementasi Pasal48 UU No. 22tahun 1997 tentang Narkotika)

Bambang Santoso


The aim of this study are to know the model and the obstacles of the treatment and rehabilitation for juvenile that involved in using drugs and narcotics. The category of this study is descriptive research by usng qualitative approach. The sources data collected as well as primer and seconder information. A deeph interviewwith the key person concerning the topic of the study is become the main primer data, so as the seconder data
basd on the documentation, tex book related to the topic as well as information gained from internet (electronics data). To analilyze the data is using qualitive approach. The result ofthis study can be concluded first: the model of the treatment and rehabilitation for juvenile carried on by passing four processes as: Treatment, Rehabilitation, Rebinding and Integration
processes. So far the obstacles for the treatment and rehabilitation is the fact that the family, surrounding and societytends do not help or reluctantly for the juvenile treatment and rehabilitation support.

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