MONEY LAUNDERING ( Suatu Kajian Dari Aspek Yuridis - Kriminologis)

Winarno Budyatmojo


Money laundering is the method being used by crime perpetrator in legalizing the illegal money. It's be doned by circling such an illegal money many times within investation and finance transaction instrument to erase the track of such illegal money. The two kinds ofmoney laundering, first by buying stock exchange or certain traded capital goods, by using illegal money, and then being traded again and the second is using illegal money to buy immoveable property as the ownwer able to used his property without feeling worry to be known the origin of their property. Generaly there are three tehnique steps of money
laundering conducted by the perpertrator such as: the placement, layerting and integration. In Indonesia money laundering has been declared as crime by act number 15 of 2002 about money laundering crime. More over to anticipate and supress the posibility of advanced money laundering, so being recomended to government to carryout national and international cooperation using bilateral and multilateral forum, for the purpuses such as the extradition of perpetrator which in foreign country and confiscating the assets which be placed at foreign country and to improve the quality of human resoources that handling the ceases by an intensive training and education program.

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