UPAYA PENYELESAIAN SENGKETA LINGKUNGAN HIDUP (Studi Kasus DiPTPalur Raya Desa Ngringo Kecamatan Jaten, Kabupaten Karanganyar)

Waluyo Waluyo


:The research goal are to know environmental conflict's cause and the setlement effort of environmental conflict between P.T. Palur Raya which is producting chemically stuffs such as mono sodium glutamate, and part of Palur"s Society arround the company, united in Konsosrsium Korban Limbah PT. Palur
Raya (KKL), and thesettlement effort's form be used at future. Data collected by interview technique and partisipated observation at PT. Palur Raya and Desa Ngringo Kecamatan Jaten Kabupaten Karanganyar the necessary data served. Data
analysed qualitetively. The result are (1) the cause of living environmental conflict between PT. Palur Raya and part of society at the neighbourhood united in Konsorsium Korban Limbah (KKL), is the presumption of toxic waste and environmental pollution because of liquid waste did by PT. Palur Raya. Part of negighbourhood society assume the company existance caused the water contamination (river whales), air pollution (odor/smell) and soil pollution (farms land). (2) The settlement effort are: One side only settlement effort, settlement effort runned bythemselves, and yuridically normative settlement effort. The form of yuridically normatif settlement effort (depend on Undang-Undang Nomor.
25/1997 about Environmental Management (UUPLH) is out court resolution the settlement done by agreement between both side, vide article 32 UUPLH, some kind of resolution institution form used were Mediation and resulting Mediation Agreement July 22nd 2000, which continued in the forming ofIndependent Team, assigned to do environmental audit at PT. Palur Raya and recomending the conclusion resulted depend on research. (3) in court using claim (directly or class action) at any violence an law regulation causing losses, and outs court using multilevel settlement system alternative.The settlement should be done by each side. Ifonly this settlement didn't gain any progress, soit's going to have use model which is involving some outsider (the natural one) inorder to help and find the way out. This settlement took some application: Law of The Republic of Indonesia Number 30 of 1999 Regarding Arbitrase and Alternatif Disputes Ressolution and Government Regulation od The Republic of Indonesia Number 24 of 2000 Regarding ofProperly Service of Court Environmental Disputes Settlement.

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