Mohammad Jamin


The effort to strugglethe demand to treat Syariah scholar the
same as law scholar in advocaat profession act draft is being a crusial momentum. It's means that ifthat sniggleis failed, so the aspiration must be buried deeply, at least the struggle will need quite long time. To realize that goal it's important to take a planned and systematically action and supported by all component existed. The agenda should be prepared clearly, as such: giving academical advice and argumentation for the urgency treating syariah scholarthe sameas law scholar, carryout
media campaign to create public opinion in order to gain a support for such goal, To strengthen group and network by making aliansion with other parties, a parties whosehave commitment to syariah scholar, that be hoped beingpressure group, build a lobby and political access to relevant parties to push that demand, Call for demand to human rights national
commission as the authority in supervising legislative product that contrary with humanrights and anothercondusive effort that able help in attaining goal.

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