Th. Kussunaryatun, Harjono Harjono, Anjar Sri Ciptorukmi Nugraheni


The aim of this study is will solve the matter of how the
implementation of reconciliation in divorce dispute in Surakarta District and Moslem Court. The factor that enable eaching the reconciliaton of the divorce dispute. The factor considered as an obstacle and how to settle it. This study is a descriptive research with an empirical juridicial approach, located at Surakarta District and Moslem Court in accordance with the feet that a divorce dispute is being examined and decided at Local District for
theos non Msem religion, where as for those Moslem is being examined and decided at Moslem Court. The datat is consist of primer and sekunder data. The primer data is related to an interview activities. The sekunder data refer to the divorce cease document that being accomplished with reconciliation. Varies of regulation/act, a previous research of divorce and reconciliation and other document material. The population included all
the district and Moslem Curt judge. The sample is purposive sampling technique. The primer data is collected in depth interviewing and the sekunder data is gained by library study. The data is bering analized in qualitative model. The conclution is reached within inductive logical pattern. It's means that the conclution 1reached from the specified things to general things. The conclusion is supposed to answer th problem araised. A reconsiliation in the divorce dispute being done by a sue
dimissal. According to the dismissing, will araised a judge decree. This reconsiliation is quite difference with the process of civil disute generally. The reconsiliation I being reached because of all parties relization, children interest, judge contribution, third prties influences and the exist of family business. The Obstacle of reconsiliation as such being ashamed to feel guilty, a negative impact of third parties, way of live differences, a bad
family economy degree.

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