PEREMPUAN: TUTUR, MAKNA DAN LAKU (Sebuah Kajian Komunikasi Perempuan di Facebook dalam Prespektif Ilmu Pragmatik)

Rosita Ambarwati


The increasing number of women’s problem in communication especially in social networks mobilize the researcher to dig more deeply the phenomenon of communication through the study of pragmatics. This study aims to describe a form of speech acts of a woman language in facebook based on Kreidler taxonomy. The results of this study are expected to provide benefits to the development of the science of Pragmatics. This study used a qualitative descriptive method. The data source of this research is the speech of women in the social networking site Facebook. In this case the researchers used purposive sampling to determine sample. The technique of collecting data through observation, interviews, documentation. The research instrument was a researcher himself as a key instrument. Content analysis is a technique used for peeling speech in text form. Test the validity of the data through the credibility test, depensabilitas and confirmability. Credibility test is done through observation and membercheck extension. The results of the study as follows: (1) the types of speech acts that are found are verdiktif, directive, commisive, expressive, phatic and assertive. (2) based on the data sources that are grouped under the age limit of respondents aged 16-25 years range mostly used type of expressive speech acts. (3) Respondents aged 30-50 years category mostly use assertif speech acts. Age 17-25 years : Expressive (30.8 %), Directives (23.04 %), Assertive (18.2 %), Verdiktif (12.6 %), commissive (9.15 %), phatic (6, 08%). Assertive (27.3), verdiktif (18.7), expressive (14.9), phatic (14.4), directive (13.8), commissive (12.9). From these results it can be concluded that the types of speech acts that used by the women to communicate in facebook there is a difference between youth and adult groups.
Keywords: Communication, Women, Facebook

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