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This article aims to describe the humor emergence and its implicatures caused by maxim infringements in the Kartun Ngampus, an online cartoon made based on students’ life in Jogja. The data in this research were collected from Facebook through an online search conducted in May 2014. There were 31 cartoons as a whole population, which then classified in order to match some similar category based on the implicatures found. Humors in Kartun Ngampus were not only caused by cooperative maxims but also by conversational maxims infringements. These violations arises certain situations where there were some disagreements between the speakers and the opponents. These kind of situations are able to cause humours which were clearly reflected in Kartun Ngampus. As implications from these humours, some implicatures related to the situation pictured in the cartoon were obtained. They are jokes, lies and irritations. Of all these implicatures, joking seems to be the main implication caused by humour in Kartun Ngampus.


Keywords: Kartun Ngampus, humour, maxim violations, implicature, immerging frequency

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