S. Harris Marsanto


This study was to analyze the phenomenon of code mixing used by the expat in Batm Island. The lexical types of code mixing found in the dialogue among the expats and the local employees at PT Nindya mix code in their English and Indonesian Language. This research used theory of bilingualism phenomenon of code mixing by Wardhaugh (1986). The data research obtained from the expat and local employees at PT. Nindya, Batam, Kepri. Then the data descriptively qualitative analyzed.


The finding was the data found 52. The data consists of either code mixing. The form of code mixing namely; words and phrase. the total frequent use code mixing among expat and local employees is 52 Code mixing. There are consist of: The words found 40 and the phrases 5.

Thus, the data of the reason of the code mixing, those are talking about a particular topic found 3 data. Then the reason for memorizing found 1 datum. And then the reason is for being respected of Person found 4 data . The last is data found 8. This study concluded that the reason of the code mixing due to talking about a particular topic. Then the reason for memorizing. The final reason that I done due to for being respected of Person.


Key Words: code mixing, phenomenon and expat


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