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This research is aimed at analyzing the news structure. This paper will compared two articles issued by Tempo and Kompas online newspaper. Analyzing news structure will be related to discourse studies. This research tries to prove that different news structure will express particular meaning. Newspaper is interesting to analyze since it is published to persuade economically and ideologically. Economically, newspaper is a market commodity which needs to sell. Ideologically, newspaper is a domination of institution or others. Those aspects influence different sentence patterns which lead to the different generic structure.

As it is absolute that all news are recoqnized as having particular generic structure, this research attempts in extracting generic structure in two different news articles. This paper is conducted with descriptive qualitative research. The researcher compiles the data from the newspaper, then observe the difference of news structure.

This paper resulted in the comparison of the structure of the (conventional) news and infografis, the news with graphical layout. They have different news structure in delivering the information. The news’ structure are: headline ^ lead ^ main event ^ verbal reaction ^ main event ^ comment; while infografis’ structure are: headline ^ main event ^ sub headline ^ main event ^ sub headline ^ main event. The difference brings the consequence in the news content although they report the same topic dealing with bomb terror in Turkey.


Key words: discourse analysis, generic structure, news structure, online newspaper, infografis

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