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This research aimed to identify the types of Time Adjuncts and also to know the function of Time Adjuncts found in Harry potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. It also can give information and use as referent in studying grammar.

Some Theoretical frameworks by Quick and Greenbaum (1973) are used in this research, such as the classification and the function of Time adjuncts. In addition, the theory by Eastwood (1994) is also used as the supporting theory in this research. This research also designed in form of library research. The data source is taken from The Novel, entitle “Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban”. In this research, the data is selected and collected through reading the novel. Quantitative and qualitative methods are used in collecting the data. The finding presentation is presented quantitatively in form of tables and supported by descriptive explanations. However, in discussion section the data is only analyzed qualitatively.  

                 The result of qualitative data showed that four types of Time adjuncts are found in this research. They are Time, Time duration adjuncts, Time frequency and Others relationship. The functions of Time adjuncts that found in this research can be realized as prepositional phrase, adverb phrase, noun phrase and prepositional phrase and others.


Key words: Time adjuncts, prepositional phrase, function, adverbial   

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