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This paper focuses on translation of modality, part of grammatical language, that express in different way in each language. The aims of this thesis are to (1) identify modality, modalized and modulated adjunct, modalized and modulated verb appears in The Appeal by John Grisham and its translation Naik Banding, (2) identify translation techniques in translating modality, and (3) explain modality shift appear in Naik Banding.

This is qualitative descriptive research. The sources of the data are The Appeal and Naik Banding. The data collecting was conducted through content analysis, questioner, and interview. Meanwhile, purposive sampling was chosen as the data sampling.

This research finds kinds of modality, such as probability, usuality, obligation, inclination, and ability. That modality can be identified through modal adjunct, modal verb, and modal finite. Those modalities can be divided into high, medium, and low. There is modality different from others, modality of ability that can be expressed in modal verb ‘be able to’ and modal finite ‘can’ or ‘could’. Established equivalence technique was dominated as modality translation technique. There are transposition, reduction, linguistic compression, and discursive creation that used in translating modality. The combination of established equivalence and variation also occurs in this research. Applying technique of translation makes various shifting of modality. Shifting of kinds happens because of the established equivalence technique in translating the modality. Applying reduction and compression linguistic as technique of translation can reduce modality in TT. Applying discursive creation as translation technique can added modality in TT.


Keyword: translation technique, functional systemic linguistics, modality, probability, usuality, obligation, inclination, ability, modality shifting

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.20961/pras.v0i0.1528

DOI (PDF): http://dx.doi.org/10.20961/pras.v0i0.1528.g1418


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