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This edition accommodates ten articles discussing issues in language acquisition, ethnolinguitics studies on verbal and non verbal behavior, pragmatics point of view on how transaction in a traditional market is realized in speech acts, diachronic study of a local language in East Kalimantan, and in translation studies. Each issue presents interesting findings such as the difference performance of male and female university students in obtaining their English skills discussed by the first article and the fact that children with down syndrome in Ponorogo only master their mother tongue with limited skills as revealed by the last article of this edition.

The other article talks about verbal and non verbal behavior in medical domain based on an Ethnolinguistics research in one district in Gunung Kidul. Such an investigation claims that the community has a view of health and sickness based on cognition system working in Javanese community.  Meanwhile, a diachronic study presents the quality of Paser language in East Kalimantan which shows that this language has correpondence to several other local languages with various scales. Moreover, the correspondence of the phonemes is regular, and based on a joint lexical innovation in this language and Lawangan language, the data show similarities between these languages. One Pragmatics research in this edition talks about the types of speech acts and how they are exploited in performing transaction at a traditional market. This article suggests that the participants in the transacting are cooperative to each other. Speech Act effective strategies, cooperative principle as well as politeness strategies are employed by the participants in their interaction. Last but not least, articles in translation studies present their quality analysis results from certain object each article has.

It is highly expected that the articles in this edition might broaden our horizon in understanding language and linguistics. Any criticism is welcome to improve the quality of the following editions. Thank you.


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