AgriHealth: Journal of Agri-food, Nutrition and Public Health

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AgriHealth: Journal of Agri-food, Nutrition and Public Health, published by Research and Development Center for Food, Nutrition and Public Health (P4GKM) LPPM Universitas Sebelas Maret, is a journal that contains scientific articles on the results of studies on the application of science and technology to stakeholders in the fields of environmentally friendly agriculture, food, nutrition and public health. AgriHealth in collaboration with Association of Indonesian Agricultural Journals (AJPI) and published 2 (two) times every year in April and October.





Forthcoming Publication in English


The forthcoming publication from Volume 4 Number 1 April 2023 of AgriHealth: Journal of Agri-food, Nutrition and Public Health are all papers in English full text. Before submission, ensure the paper is prepared using the journal paper template.

This endeavor is to gain international visibility, increase engagement and collaboration with other researchers worldwide, increase citation performance due to enhanced accessibility, and contribute to the broader scholarly community within the journal’s focus and scope.
Posted: 2022-09-10

AgriHealth Edition Volume 2 Number 2 October 2021


The Editorial Board of AgriHealth: Journal of Agri-food, Nutrition and Public Health would like to thank Alhamdulillaahi rabbil 'aalamiin for the presence of Allah SWT, God Almighty who has bestowed His grace and guidance, so that the issue of Volume 2 Number 2 October 2021 has been successfully published. The Editorial Board expresses its deepest apologies for the delay in publishing. This article published in Volume 2 edition Number 2 October 2021 is the result of article processing until March 8, 2022. Therefore, we ask that it be of concern and understanding to all interested parties. The upcoming issue of Volume 3 Number 1 April 2022 has been attempted with a better article process and is targeted to be published on time.

Posted: 2022-03-08

AgriHealth Collaboration with AJPI

AgriHealth: Journal of Agri-food, Nutrition and Public Health in order to achieve a national and international reputation, Editorial Team has made a cooperation agreement with the Association of Indonesian Agricultural Journals (AJPI). The scope of the collaboration is to improve the quality of journal management and publishing, including mentoring in journal management towards national and international reputation, article screening, editorial board and reviewers.  
Posted: 2022-02-15

Vol 3, No 2 (2022): October

Table of Contents


Agnes Fitria Widiyanto, Erna Kusuma Wati
Debie Rizqoh, Enny Nugrahaeni, Mulya Sundari, Dessy Triana, Mardhatillah Sariyanti, Nikki Aldi Massardi
Mika Rizki Diniaty, Septiani Septiani
Kiti Rofianti, Septiani Septiani
Muhammad Rizky Romadhon, Abdul Aziz
Arif Anshori, Tri Endar Suswatiningsih
Sofia Amelia, Mega Amelia Putri, Fedri Ibnusina
Sri Wahyuni Budiarti, Hermawati Cahyaningrum, Muhammad Ari Setyo Nugroho


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