Suroso Adi Yudianto


In order to goal can achieved effectively, optimum, and meaning for student,
the strategic learning from each lesson is necessary probed, although with minimum
facility. This learning respect pedagogic aspects so that can decrease difficulty of the
teaching learning process in implementation. Religious approach is new paradigm of
education, because it as guide for human life in the world, include understanding the concepts
creation secret of science. The concept mastery can develop to other competences
or values. Guide of religion showed that everything is created pairs by God, both it grow
in the world and your self, and something which do not knowed so as to you think. Base on
the theory, those concepts pairs can collected become a concept pair scheme (BDK
approach). This research tries to implement a BDK approach for achieving to mastery of
its concepts. Design of the research using experiment method, its sampling are students of
secondary school in Bandung. Its sampling divide three strata, that is high DANEM, quite
DANEM, and lower DANEM on the receiving new students. Date of the research is
processed to use statistic of multivariant ANOVA to testing learning result, and using
questionnaire to student and teacher response. Research results concluding that strategic
learning using BDK approach can enhance out-come of this learning on all strata of
experiment group are higher than control group as significance different, especially
developing 10 aspects of the concepts comprehension. This learning process is liked
students and teachers, and they want to implement on other lesson, and then relevance
with strategic aspects to understand of concepts and developing process skills, so that
benefit to innovation of the religious science education. Other factors which influencing
outcome correlating with worksheet of student, NEM, media, and teacher competence
using question technics in teaching learning process.


strategi; pendekatan pasangan konsep; konsep biologi; pendekatan belajar

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