Sonochemical Synthesis of Ethyl Cinnamate

Yuliana Purwaningsih, Mighfar Syukur, Ungsari Rizki Eka Purwanto


This research aimed to determine the yield of ethyl cinnamate synthesized by the sonochemical method and its potency as a sunscreen agent. Ethyl cinnamate was synthesized from cinnamic acid and ethanol with concentrated sulfuric acid as catalysts assisted by ultrasonic waves. The Identification of compounds was carried out by infrared spectrophotometry and gas chromatography-mass spectroscopy. Synthesis of ethyl cinnamate resulted in the form of clear yellow liquid with a fragrant aroma of a cinnamon ester with a 96.61% yield. Identification by an infrared spectrophotometer showed many functional groups of ethyl cinnamate.  Identification by GC-MS was given a relative abundance of 98.96%. The product of synthesis had SPF number 4.769 at 10 ppm used Mansur Equation. Based on this research, it concluded that it has potential as a sunscreen agent. The sonochemical method provides an excellent yield of ethyl cinnamate.


ethyl cinnamate; sonochemistry; sunscreen; synthesis; ultrasound irradiation

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