Publon Partnership

IJPTE has been set up for a Publon partnership. A Publons integration lets reviewers effortlessly track and verify every review they perform for IJPTE, without infringing on journal policies. Publon will help reviewers get recognised for their work for IJPTE, by adding reviews performed for IJPTE to a public profile (with the privacy settings you choose) and have them verified to be used in promotion and funding applications. 


Once reviewers completed their review, 

  1. Reviewers will be asked if they want to get recognition for it on Publons.
  2. Once the review is completed reviewers will receive an email with a private link to claim the review.
  3. Follow the link to add the review to the reviewers profile.
We invite experts and scholars in pedagogy and teacher education to contribute to manuscript reviews. 
Register to be a reviewer and email: to express your interest.  

IJPTE's publon profile.