Analisa Kemampuan Berfikir Kritis Dan Penalaran Peserta Didik Dalam Pemecahan Masalah Matematis Dengan Model Problem Based Learning

Alifatul Binti


The background of this research is to analyze the ability to think critically and reasoning in solving mathematical problems of elementary school students. This research method uses a qualitative descriptive method which was carried out at SD Negeri Pengarasan 01 with the research subject of class V (five) students as many as 30 students, which were divided into groups of high ability students (KT), medium ability (KS), and low ability (CR). The research data are 1) the ability to think critically in problem solving, 2) the ability to reason mathematically. Sources of data are written test scores of critical thinking skills to solve problems and scores of mathematical reasoning ability tests and interviews. The ability of students who are accustomed to getting structured questions makes it difficult for them to reason about questions that are in the form of story questions. The application of the Problem Based Learning model is suitable for use in elementary schools in building students' critical thinking and reasoning abilities. This ability will make students able to solve problems that arise in the problem.


think critically, reasoning, math problem, problem based learning

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