Using Zoom in Distance Learning on Currency Fraction Equivalence Materials

Tri Yanti


Since the announcement of a positive case of Covid-19, various efforts have been made by the government to prevent its spread. One of them is by implementing distance learning at all levels of education, including elementary schools. Even various distance learning media that used to be foreign to our ears are now getting closer. Every media that we use has advantages and disadvantages, Of the many distance learning media, the writer is interested in choosing zoom as a learning medium. The aim is to measure the effective use of zoom in mathematics learning on currency equivalence material. The author uses observational research methods to obtain valid data. Before learning by using zoom, the success rate is 20%. After doing the research, the writer gets the result that the success rate of learning using zoom is 100%. From the research results, it can be concluded that the use of zoom in distance learning is effective on the equivalent of currency fractions.


PJJ, zoom, currency denominations

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