Efforts to Improve Concept Understanding Energy Sources Through The Guided Discovery Learning Model In Primary School Students

Nuryanti Nuryanti


The study, entitled Efforts to Improve Understanding the Concept of the Benefits of Energy Sources through the Guided Discovery Learning Model of Elementary School Students in Class IV Semester 1 SD Negeri Sidasari 03 which aims to improve students' understanding of the concept of the benefits of energy sources with 11 research subjects consisting of 7 male students. male and 4 female students. This research was conducted because the students' conceptual understanding of the benefits of energy was still low. In cycle I, it shows that 3 students (60%) have completed, 2 students (40%) have not completed, and 6 students have not been able to take part in online evaluation activities. The research was continued in Cycle II with the results in cycle II showing 4 students (36%) who did not complete, 7 students (64%) of 11 students who did not complete. The use of the Guided Discovery Learning model can improve understanding of the concept of energy sources.


effort, concept understanding, energy source

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