The Use of Audio Media to Improve The Story Of Class III Students of SD Negeri Cibentang 02 Bantarkawung

Lailatul Qudsiyah


This study aims to determine the improvement of story listening skills in grade III SD Negeri Cibentang 02 by utilizing audio media. The form of this research is classroom action research. The research was conducted at SD Negeri Cibentang 02 in grade III students. The data collection techniques used were observation and assignments.

This research procedure is based on classroom action research procedures, namely: (1) planning, (2) implementation, (3) observation, and (4) reflection. The results of this study, namely that there was an increase in student learning outcomes and the quality of learning listening skills using audio media in class III SD Negeri Cibentang 02, namely as follows: (1) The average value of student learning outcomes on the pre-action test was 66 and became 70 in cycle I, then increased to 76 in cycle II and become 80 in cycle III; and (2) Student activity or student involvement during learning in cycle I reached 82% and increased to 89% in cycle II and increased again to 92% in cycle III. The improvement in the quality of learning outcomes is marked by the increasing number of students who reach the completeness limit set by SD Negeri Cibentang 02.


audio media, story listening skills, Indonesian language learning.

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