Akhmad Arif Musadad


The problem that rose in this research is the teaching ability of new teachers
which is relatively low. It was shown from: (1) teachers had less ability to make teaching
preparation; (2) teachers had less ability to perform the teaching procedure; (3) teachers
had less ability to establish an interpersonal relation harmonically at classroom. This
research is intended to solve the above problems. This research was applied on class 11.4
SMU Negeri I Surakarta. The research was a collaborative research which involved senior
teachers of history subject matter and new teachers. Their active involvement in the
research was enable them to broaden their roles by conducting self-reflection critically
toward what they did in the class; and based on that reflection, their performance was
improved. In line with the characteristics of the classroom research, the problem above
should be overcome by taking action in the form of directing new teachers. This is based
on the observation result and the interview that the low ability to teaching not only comes
from the teachers themselves, but also from the less effective supervision. The research
result shows that after carrying out the actions, the teaching ability has increased
significantly, in the turn it brings about a positive effect to the students learning activities.


pembinaan guru; pembelajaran sejarah; kemampuan mengajar; prosedur pengajaran; hubungan antarpribadi

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