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In order to develop their academic quality, it is very important for UNS'
lecturers to improve English competency. It needs a conscientious management to reach
the goal of having English competency effectively. Based on the result of the interview
with the lecturers who attend English course, it was found that there were some obstacles
in carrying out the English course. The data were collected by using questionnaire and
interview. The result of this research showed that there were some obstacles dealing with
developing lecturers’ English competency: (1) management factors, the time of English
course activity often overlapped with lecturers' other activities, consequently it caused
only few participants attend the course; (2) the motivation of trainees factor, it showed
that they had low need of achievement. It can be seen fromsome indicators: a) they did not
spend time to learn the material outside the classroom; b) they did not study English at
home; c) they attended the course without preparation. Therefore the researcher proposed
several suggestions: (1) it is crucial to improve coordination to hold the course at
the appropriate time; (2) it is necessary to motivate the trainees by giving rewards in
connection with improvement in career or promotion/rank.


kemampuan berbahasa Inggris; faktor penghambat; managemen personil; program pengembangan

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