Efforts to Increase Interest in Reading Through The Literacy Movement for Elementary School Students

Yulida Yulida


Reading is a process carried out to practice communication skills. All learning processes are based on the ability to read. Through reading various knowledge, which can lead to success, we can get. This article aims to describe the implementation of the reading literacy movement for elementary school students at SDN 15 Pudung. The results of the initial observations showed that the teachers at the school were still passive in carrying out the reading literacy movement. The teachers at the SDN have not actively paid attention to efforts to improve the reading literacy of students. Through various activities that are fun for students, researchers try to foster a love of reading for students through the application of the reading literacy movement. The activity was carried out 15 minutes before the lesson started. The results showed that through fun activities as an effort to implement the reading literacy movement, students became more enthusiastic and motivated to further increase their interest in reading.


reading interest, reading literacy

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