Improving Mathematics Learning Outcomes Using Learning Media with Concrete Objects

Sri Lestari


This article describes efforts to improve mathematical learning outcomes through concrete object media to facilitate the understanding of learners. The use of concrete material media in mathematical learning will become more interesting and the material delivered is easier for students to understand. The purpose of this study is to describe (1) concrete material media (2) improved mathematical learning outcomes. The result of this study is (1) Concrete media is everything that can be used to channel messages from sender to recipient so as to stimulate the thoughts, feelings, attention and interests of learners so that the learning process can run more effectively and efficiently towards achieving the expected goals. (2) Learning outcomes can be defined as learning achievements achieved by learners in the process of teaching and learning activities by bringing about a change and formation of one's behavior in a particular educational system. By using concrete material media can improve the learning outcomes of learners.


learning outcomes, mathematics, concrete materials media

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