Increasing Student Learning Activity and Achievement Through Cooperative Learning Of Jigsaw Technique

Heni Dwi Sutanti


A teacher always conditions learning that demands student activity in carrying out learning activities. some of the efforts that teachers can do in developing student learning activities are to increase student interest, generate student motivation, and use media or methods that can encourage students to interact with each other in learning. One example of an effort that can be done is the use of a cooperative learning model that has an orientation on student activity in the learning process and an orientation on student social development or student collaboration in groups. This study aims to improve the quality of the learning process in increasing student activity and achievement through cooperative learning of jigsaw techniques. This research can be said to be successful if there is an increase in student learning outcomes in accordance with the specified minimum level, which is 75% of the number of students participating in the learning process to achieve the KKM score. The results showed that using the Jigsaw method in learning for elementary school students, especially high grades, could increase student activity and learning outcomes from low to good categories.


Jigsaw Cooperative, liveliness, learning outcomes

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