Penggunaan Media Gambar Dalam Meningkatkan Hasil Belajar Ilmu Pengetahuan Alam (IPA) Siswa Kelas V SD Negeri 30 Sungai Limau

Elvina Roza


Based on the author's observations in class V SD Negeri 30 Sungai Limau, student learning outcomes in science subjects tend to be low seen from the results of formative tests and daily tests carried out. This is caused by several things, namely a small number of students who are able to understand science lessons, students are less active in participating in the teaching and learning process, and teachers do not use varied media in learning. This research is a classroom action research (CAR), by analyzing descriptively. This study aims to describe the improvement of student learning outcomes in the subject of Natural Sciences (IPA) using picture media in class V SD Negeri 30 Sungai Limau. The subjects of this study were the fifth grade students of SD Negeri 30 Sungai Limau, totaling 20 students. The research was conducted in two cycles with the following steps: planning, implementation, observation, and reflection. The results of data analysis obtained from student learning tests showed an increase in students' science learning outcomes. In the first cycle, the average score of students was 68.50 with new learning completeness reaching 60%. In the second cycle, the average score of students increased to 79.75 and learning completeness had reached 90%. The findings of this study indicate that the use of image media in science learning can improve science learning outcomes for fifth grade students at Sungai Limau Elementary School.


Picture Media, learning outcomes, science

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