Application of Jigsaw Learning Method Using Play Money Learning Media to Improve Mathematics Learning Outcomes

Rina Eka Fitriani


This study aims to improve mathematics learning outcomes about money in class III semester I SDN 4 Mangin, Karangrayung District, Grobogan Regency, 2017/2018 academic year through toy money media and the application of Jigsaw learning method. The research subjects were grade 3 students at SDN 4 Mangin, totaling 14 students. The research design is classroom action research consisting of two cycles. Each cycle consists of 2 meetings. Data collection techniques using evaluation in the form of assignments, worksheets and evaluation questions. While the data analysis includes qualitative data and quantitative data. Learning outcomes from the pre-cycle were obtained, from 14 students, only 5 students (36%) had reached the mastery target with a minimum score of 65. In the first cycle, classical completeness was 71%. While in the second cycle of 100%. These results indicate that the application of the Jigsaw method using toy money media can improve mathematics learning outcomes for grade 3 students at SDN 4 Mangin.


learning outcomes, Jigsaw learning method

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