Improve the Ability to Learn to Read Early by Using SAS Methods

Kustianah Kustianah


Bahasa Indonesia is one of the fields of study taught in elementary schools, in the framework of coaching and passion and development of the age of elementary school children, the skills of Bahasa Indonesia are often an obstacle for students in terms of reading and writing. The purpose of the study, knowing the improvement of early reading skills using the Synthetic Analytics Structural (SAS) method. This type of research is Class Action Research using cycle models. The researchers showed that in the initial condition, the average reading skills of students were 67.71 with a classical completion rate of 42.85%. In cycle I, the average reading skills of students was 68.42 with a classical completion rate of 57.14%. In cycle II, the average student score was 76.71 with a classical completion rate of 85.71%. From the whole cycle that has been done, it can be concluded that the teacher has been able to improve the reading skills of the beginning of Grade I students by using the method of stuktural analytics sintatik. Each cycle always has a positive impact towards improving the development of early reading ability of Grade I students.


SAS method, early reading learning, elementary school

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