Improving Student Learning Outcomes Through Video Aided Problem Based Learning Model

Ria Titis Pratiwi


This study aims to improve the learning outcomes of the third grade students of SD Negeri 05 Bantarbolang on the sub-theme of Aneka Benda around me through a video-assisted problem-based learning model. This research is a Classroom Action Research (PTK) which consists of three cycles, where each cycle is carried out in one face-to-face. The Action Plan for each cycle in the CAR is divided into four activities, namely Planning, Implementation, Observation, and Reflection. The data collection technique in this study is a formative test. The instrument used to collect data was a learning outcome test. Completeness of student learning outcomes in cycle I only reached 60% with a mean of 77, in cycle II student learning completeness reached 87% with a mean of 81, and in cycle III student learning completeness reached 87% with a mean of 83. The results of this study indicate that the application of the learning model video-assisted problem-based learning can improve student learning outcomes.


learning outcomes, learning models, problem based laerning, video media

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