Improvement of Indonesian Cognitive Learning Outcomes through Literacy Activities for 5th Grade Students of SDN 01 Petanjungan

Mahardhini Sonita Putri


This study aims to improve the cognitive learning outcomes of the fifth grade students of SDN 01 Petanjungan, totaling 32 students using the school literacy method. The implementation of this classroom action research is carried out in 3 cycles, each cycle consisting of four stages, namely: planning, action, observation and reflection. Data collection was obtained from teacher and student observation sheets. To measure student learning outcomes, cognitive aspects are measured using a formative test. The results in the first cycle resulted in learning outcome data as follows: the cognitive aspect resulted in an average of 73.59 with 47% learning completeness. The results in cycle II produce learning outcome data as follows: cognitive aspects produce an average of 81.88 with 62.5% completeness of learning, while in cycle III produce an average of 83.90 with learning completeness of 84.37%. With an increase in learning outcomes in each cycle can be concluded that the school literacy method can improve the learning outcomes of Indonesian students in fifth grade SDN 01 Petanjungan.


learning outcomes, school literacy activities

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