Improving IPS Learning Outcomes Community Economy Material Through Class IV Demonstration Methods Sd Negeri 2 Gambarsari

Khanif Mutobiq


This research is an effort to improve learning outcomes, because the learning outcomes of grade IV SD Negeri 2 Gambarsari in the formative test of social studies learning material on community economic activities. CAR is carried out in 3 cycles, namely cycle I, cycle II and cycle III. The stages of each cycle are planning, implementing, observing and reflecting. Data collection methods include observation, tests, and documentation. Data analysis was carried out by calculating the achievement of the learning outcomes of each cycle.


The results showed an increase in student learning outcomes for social studies subjects regarding community economic activities. Through the demonstration method there is an increase in learning outcomes, which is seen in the initial conditions, namely 13% of students who complete learning, in cycle I increases to 40%, increases in cycle II to 93.33%, and increases again in cycle III 100% of students complete. Based on these results, it was concluded that the demonstration method could improve social studies learning outcomes about community economic activities in grade IV SD Negeri 2 Gambarsari.


Learning Outcomes,Social Studies,Demonstration Methods

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