Upaya Peningkatan Hasil Belajar Bahasa Indonesia Melalui Media Video Pembelajaran Pada Siswa Kelas II SD

Dwi Hastuti


The purpose of this study was to improve the learning outcomes of class II students in Indonesian language learning. The research was conducted in three cycles, and each cycle was divided into one meeting. Each cycle consists of planning, implementing, observing and reflecting. Data collection techniques are observation and tests. Based on the data analysis, it was found that the use of video media in Indonesian learning with vocabulary materials and concepts could improve student learning outcomes as indicated by the level of learning completeness in the initial conditions of 30% to 60% in cycle I, and increased to 80% in cycle II. and increased to 85% in cycle III. The final conclusion from the implementation of this classroom action research is that the use of video media is able to improve student learning outcomes in learning Indonesian vocabulary materials and concepts in SD 4 Payaman, Mejobo District, Kudus Reg


Video media, learning outcomes

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