The Optimizing of Counselor Competence for Multicultural Counseling

Yudhi Purwa Nugraha, Anastasia Hariyati, Fitri Uswatun Khasanah


Indonesia has a variety of cultures. Each culture has special characteristics. Special characteristics of each culture can cause obstacles to the individual. Experiences by students who come from different cultures. Students from different cultures show language barriers, academic barriers, barriers in values and norms, and experience racism. Educators’ low multicultural competence also influence it. The objective of this article is to prepare school counselors for provide multicultural services based data needs of students through the exploration of feelings, competencies, enthusiasm, opportunities and goals to develop multicultural service programs in a programmed, systematic, integrated, and sustainable manner, expected to be able to help develop students' competencies optimally. The next objective is to analyze the implementation of multicultural counseling with an eclectic approach based on data exploration of the students’ potential. The assistance provided by the counselor is based on techniques Psychodynamic, Existential-Humanistic, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Post-Modern approaches.


Counseling, Multicultural, Eclectic

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