Mainita Elisnawati, Warananingtyas Palupi, Nurul Kusuma Dewi


Nowdays, children prefer to do activities using electronic tools and less often culturally read. The importance of introduction and reading culture applied since early childhood is expected to make children a literate and broad-minded generation. Introduction and reading culture is done by the nearest child (parents and teachers). The purpose of this research is to know the literacy program conducted by Library and Archives Service in realizing the literacy of early childhood, as well as the supporting facilities provided for the implementation of the literacy program. This research was conducted in the Regional Library of Bantul Regency. This study uses a qualitative approach to case studies Forms of literacy programs for early childhood include: 1) Visits to the library and reading books, 2) Screening, 3) Writing workshop. The literacy program focuses on the introduction of pre-school pre-school literacy.

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