Pengeluaran Pariwisata dan Karakteristik Sosial Demografi Rumah Tangga di Provinsi Jawa Tengah

Sri Subanti, Arif Rahman Hakim


The study about tourism expenditure had been one of the important things in the formulation of tourism development, such as marketing analysis, strategies, and policies. Based on this condition, the purpose of our paper wants to know about the determinants of tourism expenditure at households level based on their demographic characteristics. The findings of this paper, (1) the important factors affecting household tourism expenditure are marital status, sex, household income per capita, education for heads of households, the length of study for household members in average, number of households, urban-rural, and industrial origin for head of household; (2) variables that are positively related to tourism expenditure are marital status, age, education, number of household, household income per capita, the length of study for household members in average, urban-rural, and home ownership. This paper suggest that the local governments should give an attention on households demographic characteristics to formulate the tourism marketing and the tourism policies.
Keywords : tourism expenditure, demographic characteristics, households

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