A Robust Regression by Using Huber Estimator and Tukey Bisquare Estimator for Predicting Availability of Corn in Karanganyar Regency, Indonesia

Hasih Pratiwi, Yuliana Susanti, Sri Sulistijowati Handajani


Linear least-squares estimates can behave badly when the error distribution is not normal, particularly when the errors are heavy-tailed. One remedy is to remove influential observations from the least-squares fit. Another approach, robust regression, is to use a fitting criterion that is not as vulnerable as least squares to unusual data. The most common general method of robust regression is M-estimation. This class of estimators can be regarded as a generalization of maximum-likelihood estimation. In this paper we discuss robust regression model for corn production by using two popular estimators; i.e. Huber estimator and Tukey bisquare estimator.
Keywords : robust regression, M-estimation, Huber estimator, Tukey bisquare estimator

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