Transitivity Analysis of Eleventh-Grade Students’ Explanation Texts at One of Vocational High Schools in Klaten

Dita Musthika Nara Indra Kencana, Isti'anatul Hikmah, Adria Vitalya Gemilang


This study aims at discovering the transitivity processes appeared in the explanation texts that were written by the eleventh-grade students at one of vocational high schools in Klaten and the most dominant type of processes applied. The data of this study were 10 explanation texts written by the respondents. Furthermore, the descriptive quantitative method was used to analyze the data. The results of this study discovered that there were four processes appeared in all of the texts. The processes were material processes which appeared 81 times (59.12 %), relational processes 40 times (29.19 %), mental processes 11 times (8.02 %), and existential processes 5 times (3.65 %). Hence, the most dominant process applied was material processes. This showed that students were aware of how explanation text should be written based on the meaning and function, which is explaining the process of how a phenomenon happens or works.


eleventh-grade students of SMK; explanation text; transitivity analysis

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