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the implementation of distance learning in connection with the Covid-19 Pandemic has clearly made a significant impact on Biology learning in schools or colleges.

Because of what was mentioned above, biology learning during the pandemic has certainly undergone adaptations with various learning innovations, practicums, and assessments. In addition, the topic of viruses and the immune system became a highlight, when many educators and researchers explored these two topics at all levels of education.

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Change of Focus and Scope


As per the publication of Vol. 14 issue 1 in 2021, Bioedukasi: Biology Education Journal will change the focus and scope of the journal.

As per the issue mentioned above, this journal will only focus on articles on topics related to biology education and is no longer accepting articles in biology and the environment.

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Call for Paper


We invite educators and researchers to publish your research results, reviews, and reports to our Journal, Bioedukasi: Journal of Biology Education

The deadline for our February issue is December 15 and for the August issue is June 15

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Index in DOI System


The articles published in the BIOEDUKASI Journal of Biology Education have been indexed in the DOI (Digital Object Identifier) System.

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