Analyzing Students Mathematical Problem Solving Skills Through HOTS-Based Questions at the Elementary School Level

Febriyana Retno Putri, Sri Marmoah, Supianto Supianto


Mathematical problem solving ability is related to higher order thinking skills (HOTS) which makes students tend to use logic rather than remembering or memorizing a formula, but in reality the problem solving ability of students is still low. The existence of these problems, the focus of this research is to describe the mathematical problem solving ability of students through HOTS-based questions. In accordance with the objectives of the research, the method used in the research is a literature study which helps in describing and explaining the data in narrative form. Literature study is used as a reference from previous similar research results and is useful as a theoretical basis for the problem being studied. The data collection technique used is by reviewing and analyzing from various sources of discourse such as books, articles, and journals with international and national levels related to mathematical problem solving skills and HOTS-based questions. Based on the data obtained, it is concluded that using HOTS-based questions really helps students in growing and developing their problem solving skills both in understanding mathematical material and developing problem solving skills both in solving mathematical problems and problems around students.


Mathematical, problem solving ability, HOTS question

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