Aktualisasi Nilai-Nilai Astha Brata Untuk Pengembangan Jiwa Kepemimpinan Generasi Z

Sutina Sutina


A government has several leadership traits, one of which is the leadership trait that comes from Java, namely Asta (Astha) Brata. Etymologically comes from Sanskrit, Asta means eight; and Brata: means practice or guidelines, in essence it contains eight teachings of leadership behavior which are symbolized by the attributes of the gods of nature, namely: sky, sun, wind, water, ocean, moon, stars, and fire. The current generation is still many who do not know the importance of the values contained in the teachings of Astha brata. This paper aims to manifest the values of Astha Brata for the development of the leadership spirit of Generation Z. This article uses a literature study method which will then be analyzed in a qualitative descriptive manner. The results carried out in the literature study stated that the leadership values in the teachings of Astha Brata can be manifested in the development of the leadership spirit of generation Z.


Actualization, Leadership, Astha Brata, Z Generation

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