Restorasi Kepemimpinan Nasional Berlandaskan Nilai Luhur Budaya Bangsa: Studi Kasus Kepemimpinan Ki Hajar Dewantara

Shoffan Mujahid, Mochamad Rifqi Hananto, Nugroho Hasan, Rifqi Amrulah Fatah, David Indra Cahya


The leadership of the millennial generation today refers to the concept of western leadership. In fact, Indonesia is a country that has various noble values of the nation. One of these noble values is the concept of Ki Hajar Dewantara's leadership. According to Ki Hajar Dewantara, the essence of education is an attempt to internalize cultural values into the child, so that the child becomes a complete human being, both mentally and spiritually. This stage of internalization of cultural values is very important in shaping the character of the millennial generation as future leaders of the nation. In addition, in the wayang saga, there are astha brata values that correlate with the noble values of Ki Hajar Dewantara. These two values when applied will form the ideal leader character. Unfortunately, the value of leadership begins to fade with the times. This writing method uses a literature review study with a sociological and historical approach. The purposes of writing this article are, (1) Ki Hajar Dewantara's noble leadership model, (2) actualizing the present noble leadership of Ki Hajar Dewantara, and (3) maintaining the noble leadership of Ki Hajar Dewantara through the noble values of astha brata.


Ki Hajar Dewantara, Leadership, Astha Brata

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